Goal of this Course

In this course the students will study advanced applications of image processing and computer vision. These advanced applications concern about computational photography and video surveillance, that covers related topics such as color image processing, high-dynamic range imaging, colorization, background subtraction, face detection, person detection, person tracking, multiple object tracking and multi-camera video surveillance. Both theoretical issues and implementation techniques of these topics will be covered in this course. These advanced studies help the students to understand not only current important issues of image analysis, but also modern applications of computer vision on video surveillance.


  • Homework 75%
  • Project 20%
  • Presence 5%


  • Language: Chinese
  • Programming skill: C/C++/Matlab, OpenCV
  • Instrument: Desktop/Notebook, Windows/Linux
  • Reading report: Submitted by web page. Each report with at most 500 words
  • Programming report: Submitted by web page. Each with a brief report at most 300 words, but with many program's illustrations
  • No plagiary for reports and programs. (不得抄襲,不得由網頁資料複製。抄襲複製之報告一律以零分計算)

Reference Books

No reference books, but supplementary materials will be provided for each unit.

Office Hour: Tuesday 14:40-15:30